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Getting a Grip

The following post was written by friend and fellow paddler Nell Steed. She reflects honestly on what pushed her toward a breaking point of not wanting to kayak anymore, and how taking some time for herself helped her get a grip on her fears and set new precedents when moving downstream. Thank you for sharing

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ABC’s of a Kayaker’s Life in Chile

A-     is for avocados. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sam was not overstating the pure magic that can be found in the avocados of Chile. They’re plentiful, they’re delicious, and they’re cheap… and, hence, a part of nearly every meal.

B-      is for boofing. The rivers here are the perfect training

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My Anthem

This year has been a true test in patience and grit. We are human after all. We are not infallible, we grow tired, succumb to critics, and overall show that we are just as vulnerable as any one else. Many look at these things as a weakness, but I believe our recognition of it

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Moving Up and Getting Down: a Case for Different Boats and Different Sizes

It’s no secret: I love my Diesel 60. Seriously, I’ve spent so much time in that boat, I feel like I think what I want it to do and it responds. It was the boat I learned to roll in and remains my go-to craft any time I’m hopping on something new, namely because I

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