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H2o Dreams Presents: Taming the Mental Game

In Association with Atlanta Whitewater Club: Taming the Mental Game

presented by Chris Wing of H2o Dreams LLC

May 6th, 2014 – 7:00P


Garden Hills Community Club House

“It never gets easier, you only go faster” –Greg Lemond

I read this quote when I actually

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21 Things I’ve Learned about Kayaking from Running

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, but I will say that since returning from Chile, I’ve been lacing up my tennies for a run more often than not, trying to maintain some healthy momentum I gained while down south. After having kayaked nearly every day for two months, I returned home with a

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Getting Out of a Rut: a Kayaker’s Guide to Getting Back on the Horse

Kayaking is a fickle beast. Okay, okay… allow me to rephrase. The River knows no dominion, and as hopeful explorers we will discover this for ourselves sooner or later. We’re merely along for the ride until the River decides we are in need of some serious humility. You know what shape this takes: gnarly swims,

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Why is “old school” the “new school” of thought? A case for old school renaissance.

Why is “old school” the “new school” of thought?

Aside from the fact that Pat Keller might simply be running out of ideas with his backyard run on the Green River Narrows, there is no doubt that when he took his Dagger RPM and splatted “The Notch,” that he sparked a re-revolution in paddle

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