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Road Rules: Staying Healthy & Keeping it Cheap while Traveling

We’ve been spending (a lot of) time on the road lately, and it has been an adjustment to stay healthy and present without blowing our budget or dirtbagging it too severely. With a bit of planning and a little resolve, you can keep your travels relatively cheap and fairly healthy if you keep your on-the-road

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What family means…

I have had a mix bag of family experiences through out my life, and at best it can be described as dysfunctional. I think everyone will claim that, though, about their own families. After all, we are all human and to err is to be human. What has held steadfast however is the importance

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Tributaries Tour Dates Added

What a madly wonderful spring! We kicked off our Tributaries Tour with a presentation of Chris’ thoughts on “Taming the Lizard Brain” at Atlanta Whitewater Club‘s monthly meeting. It was a lot of us all to think about, and we had a dynamic discussion throughout. Paddlers of all different skill ranges, disciplines, and personal backgrounds

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Bite the Bullet

I’ve always taken comfort in knowing that, for the most part, the worst that can happen while I’m paddling is swimming; bottom line: when the going gets tough, I pop the spray skirt and BAM! Game over.

This musing is brought to you by the harsh reality of whitewater where bailing from your boat does

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